After the launch of Huffcutt Concrete’s new fully automated precast concrete plant in Spring 2019, we have been perfecting our structural and architectural wall panels with technology and a process that’s never been before in the United States.  Our plant boasts new automated pouring and compacting equipment to assure the highest quality concrete and exact edge and border formation.

The inaugural wall panel job from Huffcutt Concrete arrived onsite December 12th in the Eastern Part of Wisconsin.  22 panels were manufactured specifically to the structural needs, energy requirements and appearance for the addition to an existing industrial building.  This unique design needed to provide the company with a structure that can withstand a blast load due to the surrounding infrastructure, something precast concrete is able to offer.

Cold Wisconsin temperatures didn’t stop or slow down production or the delivery process.  Our fully enclosed plant creates a quality-controlled environment that ensures consistency on every panel.  Installation for this 3,000 square foot project took only three days, which meant less time onsite and less money spent on labor costs for the construction crew.

Huffcutt’s precast wall panels offer valuable solutions for all parts of the project.  Starting with the architect’s need for design versatility, moving to contractors with on-time, on budget installation and finishing with satisfied customers that have a sustainable, durable building for generations to come.