Did you know each year thousands of animals become entrapped and die in vertical open pipes?  Vault toilets feature vertical ventilation pipes that mimic the natural cavities preferred by some species for nesting and roosting. Birds enter the vault toilet through the ventilation pipe and get stuck in the ‘basement’ of the vault toilet.

The Teton Raptor Center contacted Huffcutt about their Poo-Poo Project, which aims to protect cavity-nesting birds and wildlife from entrapment in the basement of vault toilets by installing screens on ventilation pipes.  For more information about the project visit: https://tetonraptorcenter.org/our-work/poo-poo-project/

When Huffcutt became aware of this problem, we knew as leader in vault toilet production across the Midwest, we had to act quickly.  From now on, all Huffcutt vault toilet buildings will feature the protective screen on our ventilation pipes.  Many of our units are placed in parks and wilderness areas, who can now rest assured that the local wildlife is protected.  We are excited to partner with this project and look forward to our continued relationship with the center.

See us installing one here!