Huffcutt’s precast products are available in multiple colors and finishes that can match almost any existing structure.  We can accomplish this in a few different ways, typically done via coloring, texture and finish.  Integral coloring is often added to a mix design to ensure there is color throughout the panel.  The tinting of the concrete starts in our Quality Control Lab where we replicate the color and aggregate used in the original project.  To achieve the desired texture, we utilize our catalogue of form liners, which can mimic wood, stone, brick and so much more.  Not all precast jobs need a formliner, we can achieve various looks and finishes with our aggregates and sandblasting techniques as well.

Our experienced team will work with you from the start of a project to help you choose the finishes with the correct aesthetic and structural features needed that fits your budget.  We often start with a photo of the existing building and our Quality Control Lab takes it from there.   QC starts by creating a sample that is sent to the customer for approval, and the job isn’t done until they are satisfied with the look.  We are happy to prepare and deliver samples until the perfect match is found.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hudson Wisconsin was a new structure, but had existing facilities near it that we were able to match for a cohesive look on the site.  Using thin brick, which replicates the  aesthetically pleasing look of a classic brick structure without traditional construction.  We cast the face of the brick in specialty form liner that’s laid down and concrete is poured on top that acts as a mortar between the veneer pieces.  The finished product creates a brick looking wall, but is all one piece.

Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, WI was a “buff” color match, which is similar to a tan color.  There is a wide range of “buff” colors and customer perception was important.  Our Quality Control Manager went on site and created numerous samples for the customer to choose from.

DC Everest Middle School in Schofield, WI was an aggregate match job.  Working on site, our team was able to ensure they had the correct aggregate colors to match the existing building.