Elevator Shafts

Huffcutt’s precast panels offer a fast-tracked solution to building elevator shafts. The installation process of our precast panels averages only a few hours to complete. A conventional masonry built elevator shaft of similar size could take weeks, or even months to finish, comparatively. Precast construction keeps building timelines on schedule by drastically cutting down the guess work on all variables.

Valuable time and resources are usually spent constructing the shafts on site and are therefore subject to delays due to inclement weather conditions or unforeseen setbacks. Huffcutt’s cutting edge, indoor manufacturing process allows reliable completion of pieces regardless of weather.  Imbeds and customization are done in the design process so that no modifications need to be made on the job site.

Precast elevator shafts are also a great way to reduce material and labor costs on a project, creating a more efficient and safer job site. We offer structurally durable pieces that can each be customized to fit size and specifications required of any building structure.  Our completed elevator shafts do not have height restrictions and can be made with a variety of aesthetic surface finishes. Customers appreciate Huffcutt’s approach to precast construction.

  • Efficient: Precast construction isn’t dependent on weather or typical construction variables; production and installation is much faster than a conventional build.
  • Safety: Crane installation removes the need for scaffolding and only requires a small crew.
  • Turnkey: The panels are produced completely to spec; onsite there is little set up and clean up required.
  • Quality: We offer quality products that are precise and dimensionally true from our quality-controlled environment.

Not only does Huffcutt’s precast method save time, but our products are built to last, and that quality leads to cost-savings.  Why not reduce material, labor costs and project timelines with a precast option?  Contact our Sales Team to learn more.