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At Huffcutt, our precast panels are manufactured specific to your structural needs, energy requirements, and overall desired architectural appearance. In our state of the art facility boasts technology that has never been seen before in the United States, the entire process is performed in a controlled indoor environment. This means we can produce precast panels year round, no weather factors will disrupt our timeline. Our curing process takes place in ideal conditions which creates the the highest strength concrete and and a consistent finished product everytime.

With our ability to produce panels up to 13.5’ in width, we can minimize the number of panels required on site. This means less sets, less seams, and less headaches for you and your job site.

Wall Panels


Huffcutt’s wall panels stand the test of time while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance that is low maintenance and durable. Available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes, our precast wall panels are ideal for any building project that needs quick installation and without compromising quality. Once the panels are finished, they are delivered on our innovative delivery system and installed efficiently, giving you reduced construction times and lower costs on your project budget. Let our trusted team increase the value of your next project while eliminating wasted time and resources.



With precast concrete’s high density, it can absorb sound better than other materials. Precast sound walls can reduce the noise while providing the area with an aesthetically pleasing look thanks to our different forms and finishes.

M.S.E. Walls

Durable precast facing panels allow for a wide variety of surface textures and custom sizes.


Do you have an upcoming job that would benefit from all that precast concrete has to offer? Tell us more about your project and let our team create a draft and estimate that fits your timeline and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical Huffcutt panel configuration?

A Huffcutt panel is typically 12’’ thick.  Within the unit we have a makeup of 6’’ of structural, 3’’ of desired insulation, and 3’’ of cladding.  However our plant has the ability to meet all of your configurations from 4” solid walls to 24” solid/sandwich walls.

What is the R value achieved by your wall panels?

Huffcutt offers a standard panel using expanded polystyrene insulation that achieves an R value of approximately 21.3.  Customizable insulation options such as extruded polystyrene, or polyiso insulation will achieve higher values, depending on your needs.

What texture of panel do you manufacture?

Architectural panel designs are endless in our new fully automated Huffcutt facility. Some basic textures offered are form liner finish, sand blast, and water washed.  Customers can work with our design team to customize a desired form liner finish that is unique to their building

What are your lead times?

We offer some of the most competitive lead times in the industry.   After final drawings are approved, our production team can have panels produced in approximately 11-12 weeks. With our ability to offer kiln dried units, we can transport our panels to your jobsite in days, not weeks, after production.

How are your panels set?

Huffcutt wall panels are manufactured to be welded to steel imbeds in the footing, spaced per the engineer of record’s design. This allows for a seamless design once the panels are set.

What is the standard width of your wall panels?

Huffcutt has the ability to produce panels up to 13’ wide, drastically reducing the number of total sets, seams and caulked joints around the exterior of the building.

Do you offer solid walls?

Huffcutt can produce both insulated and solid wall panels.  With our new automated carousal plant, we can produce panels from 4” to 24” thick, meeting any engineering need or customer plan for exterior or interior walls.

Do you have any past projects in the area we can look at?

Absolutely! Huffcutt has been supplying quality precast around the mid-west for decades.  We would be happy to take you on a tour, or get you information on projects in your area to see our quality first hand.