What is thin brick?  Thin brick produces a strong and aesthetically pleasing look of a classic brick structure without traditional construction.  We cast the face of the brick in specialty form liner that’s laid down and concrete is poured on top that acts as a mortar between the veneer pieces.  The finished product creates a brick looking wall.

Thin brick eliminates the need for on-site scaffolding and speeds up the overall timeline of the project. Produced inside our facility, we are able to make the panels year-round in a temperature-controlled setting and deliver ready to install.  Thin brick offers the classic and timeless look of masonry, with many different design options and colors.

Huffcutt is proud to showcase our first thin brick job, partnering with SEH, INC. Architects and Magney Construction.  The Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hudson Wisconsin was a new structure, but had existing facilities that we were able to match and create a cohesive look for the site.  This 3,700 square foot building took only 2 days to erect 27 wall panels.

This particular thin brick was a Belden “Rubigo Red Velour”.  They are produced to meet the high standards needed for precast installation including a high regard for  dimensional tolerances that are critical in producing a quality finished product.