Applied Data Consultants is a software engineering company in Chippewa County Wisconsin, with roots in geographic information systems (GIS) consulting and custom development services. With the company’s exponential growth of their flagship product Elite EXTRA, they were running out of both workspaces and areas for collaboration. Anticipating a future increase in business, ADC opted to construct a third building on their rural campus in the Town of Wheaton.

The new three-story building will have all of the high-tech amenities offered in the Silicon Valley and is intended to promote camaraderie and innovation.  The modern industrial-looking building will be attached to the previous two buildings via a breezeway. The existing buildings are being remodeled and will include a recreation center with a bar and bistro, golf simulator, wallyball court, shuffleboard and more.

Huffcutt worked to develop a custom black concrete mix that incorporated glitter in the wall panel design, giving the building a unique sparkle effect in the sunlight.  Gray concrete panels were also included with a very shallow water washed finish.  The combination of 97 wall panels and 8 solid roof slabs came out to be over 18,000 square feet of concrete.  This building also features a precast elevator shaft that went up in just ONE day, saving valuable time and resources for the builders.  The entire process took place in stages to accommodate the complex design of the building and was successfully completed in the specified timeline.

See the drone footage here.