The Holiday Season for Huffcutt consisted of delivering 46 wall panels to a job site in Central Minnesota.  The precast erection process started December 17th, taking only 7 working days on the building site to give the construction company enclosed insulated walls.

Insulated walls, often called “sandwich” walls, are precast concrete panels that have a layer of insulation between 2 layers of concrete.  This 12,285 square foot design used a 6,3,3, panel, providing thermal efficiency and moisture control, while still giving strength and structural integrity.  This job also featured a lightly sandblasted texture on the exterior side of the panel.

At Huffcutt, we are able to offer a wide variety of concrete finishes.  Whether you want a structure that has the appearance of brick, wood, stone or others, our precast concrete is the ideal choice.  In addition to textures, we can customize a colored mix design to complete your project vision.  For this particular job in Minnesota, a cement mix of 50% gray and 50% white, with specialty aggregate was used.

Why choose precast concrete?  Our products offer quick on-site installation and thermal efficiency, while still giving you the flexibility to customize colors and textures on a sustainable structure.  Huffcutt is the premier choice for architectural wall panels, because our dedication to quality, service and innovation is unmatched.