The Community Service Department of Menomonie, WI is responsible for all of the streets, sidewalks, trees, parks and storm water maintenance/repair for the city.  The department was in need of more space to properly store equipment, and a much-needed heavy equipment wash rack.

To create more space in the facility, an efficient wall panel structure was a great option. Since this department is considered an emergency essential service, shutting down for construction was not possible.  Thanks to on-time construction with Huffcutt’s precast wall panels, the new addition was completed before the winter season set in. The department was able to move into the addition and free up the old building for renovation during the winter.

Huffcutt provided 109 panels that were 28 feet tall, with a heavy shot blast texture to complete a customized look. With only 7 days on-site, 20,000 square feet of Huffcutt’s concrete wall panels were the perfect solution for this expansion.