Stanley Community Center

Panels: 28

Square Footage: 4,100

Days On-Site: 2 Days

Featuring a space for community events, concessions and bathroom facilities, this was a much needed update for the town of Stanley.  The park is the location for the annual Stanley Rodeo along with many other events.  

Applied Data – Elite EXTRA Building

Panels: 97

Square Footage: 18,000

Days On-Site: 2 Weeks

Applied Data Consultants is a software engineering company in Chippewa County Wisconsin, with roots in geographic information systems (GIS) consulting and custom development services. With the company’s exponential growth of their flagship product Elite EXTRA, they were running out of both workspaces and areas for collaboration. Anticipating a future increase in business, ADC opted to construct a third building on their rural campus in the Town of Wheaton.

Huffcutt worked to develop a custom black concrete mix that incorporated glitter in the wall panel design, giving the building a unique sparkle effect in the sunlight.  Gray concrete panels were also included with a very shallow water washed finish.  The combination of 97 wall panels and 8 solid roof slabs came out to be over 18,000 square feet of concrete.  This building also features a precast elevator shaft that went up in just ONE day, saving valuable time and resources for the builders.  The entire process took place in stages to accommodate the complex design of the building and was successfully completed in the specified timeline.

Compass Real Estate

Panels: 44

Square Footage: 8,500

Days On-Site: 3 Days

Compass Property Management is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. A property management company that needed a new space, Huffcutt was proud to supply precast concrete panels that featured a light sand blast finish with 2 accent panels to make the building stand out. Total time to erect the walls was only 3 days!

VES Environmental Solutions

Panels: 231

Square Footage: 51,000

Days On-Site: 4 Weeks

VES Global Headquarters, located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin is known for designing Animal-Centered Environments that help improve animal health, wellbeing and productivity on dairy farms throughout the world.  VES is now showcasing its commitment to the local community with the construction of its state-of-the-art global headquarters and research facility opening in December 2020.

With the rapid growth of the company, VES has outgrown their current facility.  They were in need of a larger building to house inventory, an increased number of employees and a place to test and research their products.  It was important for the company to have an on-time construction schedule to avoid disruption to their customers.

Menomonie Community Service Department




The Community Service Department of Menomonie, WI is responsible for all of the streets, sidewalks, trees, parks and storm water maintenance/repair for the city.  The department was in need of more space to properly store equipment, and a much-needed heavy equipment wash rack.

To create more space in the facility, an efficient wall panel structure was a great option. Since this department is considered an emergency essential service, shutting down for construction was not possible.  Thanks to on-time construction with Huffcutt’s precast wall panels, the new addition was completed before the winter season set in. The department was able to move into the addition and free up the old building for renovation during the winter.

Huffcutt provided 109 panels that were 28 feet tall, with a heavy shot blast texture to complete a customized look. With only 7 days on-site, 20,000 square feet of Huffcutt’s concrete wall panels were the perfect solution for this expansion.

Wright County Tactical Training Facility




What began as a simple shooting range has expanded into a project with a much bigger role. The Training Center has morphed into an all-encompassing facility for a plethora of county needs.

Now Housing:

  • An Indoor Shooting Range
  • Emergency Operations
  • Backup Data Center
  • Dispatch Center

Multiple Trainings will be done in the facility — from use of force training to emergency/trauma medical training, and many other aspects officers encounter in the course of doing their jobs.

Manitowish Waters Fire Department

Panels: 58

Square Footage: 11,000

Days On-Site: 7

Manitowish Waters is a small community in Northwestern Wisconsin known for its beautiful surroundings and vacation getaways.  The town has its own non-profit, volunteer Fire Company which provides EMS, fire and rescue services for the town and surrounding communities.  

The new Fire Department is a 10,000 + square-foot building with:

  • Four drive-through bays that house a fire engine, ambulance, ATVs and other rescue equipment
  • Training and fitness areas
  • Kitchen, offices, bathrooms, and showers

The designers worked with our team to choose a striking combination of colored concrete and a form liner that creates vertical shadows, similar to the shade and silhouettes found in the Northwoods. 

DC Everest Middle School Addition




DC Everest Middle School in Schofield, WI was an aggregate match job.  Working on site, our team was able to ensure they had the correct aggregate colors to match the existing building.  The addition houses a new gym facility for the school.