Conventional elevator shaft construction requires a crew of workers, delivery and storage of materials, and scaffolding, which needs to be set up and can pose a significant safety risk.  All of this is then exposed to the elements and is at the mercy of mother nature for the duration of construction.   These factors contribute to a longer and less reliable construction timeline, which can end up taking weeks or even months to complete.

Huffcutt precast concrete is manufactured in a cutting edge facility, safe from weather and held to high standards of strength and consistency.  We are able to offer a wide variety of surface finishes, while being built to the customer’s specifications.  No modifications are needed when the pieces arrive on the jobsite, which leads to an efficient, safe and cost effective install.

Here’s a time-lapse of our most recent elevator shaft erection.

  • Installation Time: 3 Hours
  • Precast Production Time in the Plant: Less than 1 Day
  • Size: 4 panels, approximately 800 sq. ft of surface area
  • Unforeseen delays: 0


Why not reduce material, labor costs and project timelines with Huffcutt’s precast panels ? Contact our Sales Team to learn more.